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How much do you know about bathroom hardware
Nixi Sanitary Ware2019-10-07Browse: 1119
Bathroom hardware is an accessory product with high frequency of use. Durability and practicality are the most basic requirements for bathroom hardware. Humanized bathroom hardware bears the responsibility of making the experience of washing hands and showers more convenient and comfortable, and even pursuit of environmental protection and energy saving. It can be said that it has both use function and higher experience function. Therefore, before decoration, it is necessary to carefully choose bathroom hardware.

With the improvement of people's quality of life, for a bathroom where they can relax after work, they spare no effort to build, bathtubs, bathroom cabinets and so on are carefully selected and purchased, often ignoring the hardware of the bathroom. Although bathroom hardware plays a supporting role in the large family of bathroom, the embellishment of bathroom hardware often becomes the key to create an atmosphere in the bathroom. University of Small Objects asked, how much do you know about bathroom hardware? Let's follow the footsteps of the knowledge network and learn about things you don't know.

Types of Sanitary Ware Hardware
Sanitary hardware is generally divided into three parts. That is, the base (fixtures), connectors, functional parts; one side of the base is close to the wall or panel, this side is generally not surface treatment. You just need to look at its color to basically know what material is used; the connectors are basically surface treatment, can only be used the following methods; most of the functional parts are tubular, rod-shaped raw materials, if tubular, its inner wall can generally be seen. Because the proportion of raw materials is different, the weight of the objects with roughly the same volume is different (except for light materials).

How to Choose Sanitary Ware Hardware
First of all, product structure and performance: high-quality bathroom hardware product structure is stable and firm, with hands up and down, left and right shaking will not appear loosening phenomenon, product reasonable and humane design, easy to use.
Secondly, the surface of products: high-quality products will do surface treatment, the surface is generally bright chrome, in order to meet the requirements of personalized decoration consumers, there are also some products surface antique, golden treatment, surface outlet uniform, smooth, no color difference, no drop, and through 24-hour acid salt spray test, up to grade 10 or more.
Thirdly, the material and accessories of the products: high-quality products all use copper as the main material, because copper never rusts, oxidizes, can ensure longer service life of the products, and has high recycling value. For the selection of taps, we pay special attention to the valve core of the products. The valve core of the tap is the heart of the human body, and controls the whole tap switch.
Bathroom hardware is an indispensable decorative material in modern home bathroom decoration. At present, the materials and types of popular bathroom hardware are comparatively rich. Generally, the texture, advantages and disadvantages of different materials of bathroom hardware are also different. But no matter what kind of bathroom hardware is made of, Xiaobian suggests that you should choose the hardware manufactured by regular manufacturers to purchase products, to ensure that the appearance of bathroom hardware is gorgeous, decorative performance is strong, and the most important thing is long service life.

How to prevent the damage of bathroom hardware
The type, specifications and performance of the selected hardware fittings should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and be matched with the selected sanitary ware so as to make it suitable for use. For the shower door in the bathroom space, the push-pull method is generally used. When the width of the sliding door exceeds 1m, or when installing the shower door with double glass, double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be set up to ensure the convenience and unimpeded use of the shower door.
The sliding hinge should not be made of aluminium alloy, but of stainless steel. Its hardness of aluminium alloy is far less than that of stainless steel. When installing hardware with fastening screw, metal liner must be built in, and the thickness of liner should be at least twice the tooth spacing of fastener. No fastening on plastic profiles or non-metallic lining is allowed. After installation of bathroom hardware, care should be taken to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, light switch should be turned on to prevent hard switch and hard switch from causing damage.

How to Maintain Sanitary Ware Hardware
First, develop the habit of opening doors and windows, keep the bathroom air unblocked, dry and wet separation is the maintenance of bathroom hardware accessories. Second, do not use corrosive sponges and detergents containing corrosive, dissolving and acidic substances, bleaching agents, vinegar, etc. to clean pendants, otherwise it will cause the surface of pendants to lose luster or leave scratches, which will cause great damage to pendants. Usually it can be wiped with soft cotton cloth and clean water. Thirdly, paint has a great corrosion effect on the surface coating of hangers. Do not let the paint stick to the hangers.

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