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How to install faucets skillfully
Nixi Sanitary Ware2019-10-05Browse: 417
The importance of bathroom hardware is self-evident. For the bathroom, we must pay attention to the inspection of sanitary ware.

The key to judging the level of decoration is to "look at the level of toilets and kitchens, especially those seemingly insignificant hardware". Today, this trick has been widely used in home decoration, more and more owners will focus on the toilet and kitchen decoration, people pay more attention to the brand of sanitary ware, and the matching faucet and other hardware is more strict. In addition to the brand, quality and style you need to choose when you buy the faucet, you should also pay attention to distinguishing the authenticity of famous brand products. Now, foreign brands are mixed in the market. You'd better go to the manufacturer's direct-sale store to buy them. If you buy smuggled goods or fake goods carelessly, problems will inevitably arise when using them. Therefore, in addition to the selection of leading styles and brands, you must pay more attention to some product details. Copper itself has the function of disinfection and sterilization. High-quality faucets are usually cast by copper. Now some miscellaneous products are replaced by zinc alloy or plastic to save cost. You should be careful when choosing. In addition, even if you purchase genuine brand name products, you should know about the performance of these high-grade mixing faucets before and during installation and use, so as to avoid inconvenience caused by improper use and discount your high-grade faucets.

Generally, single handle mixing surface basin faucets are equipped with installation dimension drawings and operation instructions when they leave the factory. Before installation and use, they should open the commodity packaging inspection certificate, etc. in order to avoid the use of three non-products. If you import goods, you should be more careful. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the fittings are complete. General fittings should be equipped with: 1. Full set of fixed bolts and fixed copper sheets and gaskets. 2. Full set of basin lifting dewatering 3. Two intake pipes. Then take out the faucet and pull the handle from top to bottom, left to right. It feels light and comfortable to open and close, and has a gentle and even blocking feeling. Next, the plating surface should be checked to be bright, free of bubbles, spots and scratches.

If your faucet is used in a new building, because the water supply network is newly laid in the water will certainly have sand and other impurities, it should be long before installation until the water quality becomes clear before installation.

During installation, one end of the two intake pipes is installed on the faucet and the other end is connected with two cold and hot angle valves or directly on two cold and hot 4 branch pipe joints. The basin dewatering is installed at the bottom of the basin, and the end of the lifting dewatering is connected to the S or P type elbow.

Do not use too hard to cause man-made damage when opening, and wipe the surface of the faucet after normal use. Cut off the hot and cold water flow after using for a period of time. Use wrench carefully to remove the impurities and then install it carefully. Nowadays, many leading companies have certain quality assurance commitments for their products. You'd better ask about these guarantees when you buy them and compare them.

I believe that as long as you carefully select, properly install, use and maintain your faucet and other hardware, your faucet trouble will really "never go back".

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