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Daily cleaning skills of bathroom hardware pendants
Nixi Sanitary Ware2019-10-04Browse: 177
Bathroom hardware pendant is a necessary product in modern bathroom space. Although its bathroom hardware is far less significant than the function of bathroom sanitary ware, its small size can bring people a comfortable bathroom life. Certainly, there will inevitably be some stains in the use of bathroom hardware. If it is not cleaned regularly and reasonably, it will not only breed bacteria, but also produce bacteria. Make the whole bathroom space dark and colorless.

Cleaning Sanitary Ware Hardware Hanging Skills:
1. Wash it with clean water and dry it with special maintenance cloth (or other 100% cotton cloth).
2. Use a wet cloth coated with soap or toothpaste (special maintenance cloth for hangings or other 100% cotton cloth) to wipe gently, and then clean it with clean water. Do not use acid or alkaline detergent to wipe the bathroom hardware, so as to avoid damaging the metal surface.
3. Gently wipe with mild liquid cleaner or colorless glass cleaner, and then clean with water.
4. The cycle is usually 3 months. Wax oil with strong decontamination ability can be used to coat the whole product on clean white cotton cloth, and the service life of the product can be prolonged moderately. Eln Yiling's products will be repaired or replaced free of charge with shopping vouchers within five years because of the quality problems such as rusting and de-welding caused by non-human factors, and customers in stores will enjoy free decontamination and waxing services within ten years.
Note: Please remember that after each cleaning, all detergents must be removed immediately with clean water and dried with special maintenance cloth for hangings (or other 100% cotton cloth), otherwise water stains may appear on the surface of hangings.

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